December 05, 2013

My wife and I are relatively new to the The Note Factory investment team approaching one year in March 2014. To date we have been thrilled by the excellent returns on our investment notes and plan to continue purchasing quality notes in the future.

Approaching our retirement goals soon, we were in need of a more reliable and consistent passive investment return without the volatility and risks of the stock market which we had tolerated the last 20 years. The Note Factory was our answer.

As of November 2013 we own ten individual notes and look forward to adding new notes as well as opening self-directed IRA's to create individual retirement portfolios of notes as well. Mike Arch and the team at The Note Factory have been a godsend and have exceeded our expectations with this truly remarkable investment plan. We feel very fortunate to be part of this knowledgeable group and fully recommend The Note Factory for investors.

Mark & Shannon Zeman
The Woodlands, Texas

I bought my first note from The Note Factory almost 3 years ago. I felt at the time their business plan to buy single family homes, remodel, sell & create a marketable owner finance note was a good one. Today I believe their business plan is a GREAT ONE. That first note was purchased for $54.5K and so far it has returned over $22K in principal and interest. You cannot find a more reliable and high yielding stream of passive income ANYWHERE. Since I purchased that first note in early 2011 I have purchased a total of 23 notes because...The Note Factory Team DELIVERS!

Richard Gueringer
San Antonio, Texas

Prior to September, 2011, we had our IRA money invested with an investment firm which specialized in “value stocks”. Although this company had great results since its founding in 1974, our investments were going sideways, and we were concerned about the long term future of our retirement portfolio. At this time we were introduced to Mike Arch and Erik Saengerhausen from The Note Factory who presented us with the opportunity to purchase discounted real estate notes. The rates of return they projected on the notes were 10.9% - 11.9%. My former boss prior to retirement had purchased several notes and since I respected his judgment in financial matters, we decided to give them a try.
On September 11, 2011 we purchased our first note, and over the next ten months we bought eleven more. I jokingly told Mike, “We’ve got all our eggs in one basket and you’re holding the basket.” We have never regretted that decision. The Note Factory services all our notes, does any collection work required and notifies us via email three times per month of direct deposit amounts to our bank for note payments received. The rates of return we have actually realized have been slightly higher than projected, and we are extremely satisfied.

There have been a couple of “bumps in the road”. We have taken two properties back via “deed in lieu of foreclosure”. The first was in December, 2012, but The Note Factory got the property back to market ready quality for $2,600 and resold the property for more than the original purchase price in February, 2013. The second house was taken back in November, 2013 and is presently in the rehab and re-marketing phase.

Mike and Erik and their employees are as diligent about handling our investments as they are in handling their own. I’ve told them to make collection decisions on our notes as if they were their own because we trust them totally and have very similar credit extension philosophies. We left the stock market when it was in the 12,000 range, and now that it is at or near 16,000, it could be tempting to second guess the decision to forego all that potential profit. We’re earning double digits on our investments with The Note Factory, and we don’t have to endure the gut wrenching cyclical rise and fall of the stock market every day. For anyone who might be contemplating getting out of the market at its latest historical high and wondering what to do with their money, we would highly recommend investing with The Note Factory, a company that unites home buyers and investors in a win-win relationship.

Ivan and Diane Estes
San Antonio, Texas

December 6, 2013

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding work you have both diligently done to produce outstanding returns, on my large investments; I have with The Note Factory. In today’s economic market it is rare to find such work ethic, integrity, and morality in the non-agency mortgage note investment business. The Note Factory has consistently produced an investment return of over 10% to 12% annually. As you know I have referred friends and family to this wonderful business opportunity with your company and they are very pleased with the return on their investments also. If you have any other individuals that would like to discuss potentially investing with The Note Factory, please don’t hesitate to have them contact me. I look forward to a successful business partnership with The Note Factory for decades to come.


Charles R. Bergstrom IV

May 1, 2015

The Note Factory is a GREAT investment vehicle for us! We have a substantial position with them. There are no monthly hassles that are found in rental properties. They collect the money by debiting the Homeowner’s bank account, set up the escrow, send out the tax statements, and credit our bank account monthly. The homeowner provides  a significant down payment and our properties remain collateralized. Just fantastic!

Pat and Lisa Boone
San Antonio, Texas


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